having problems with your computer?  Let us help.

Sault Ste Marie Computer repair

If you are having problems with your system you’ve come to the right place. At Sault Web Design we do more than just design web sites. Our staff has extensive education in tech related fields and is more than qualified to help you with nearly any computer repair problems you're having. The best part is we will come to you. We offer all our services to Sault Ste Marie and surrounding areas.

Virus and Spyware removal

Are you being nagged by constant pop-up? Reduced speed? Confusing errors? Than perhaps your system is infected and in need of computer repair. Don't feel bad it happens to everyone. No matter how much protection you have on your system you’re never fully covered. New bugs are designed every day at a rate faster than the anti-virus people can keep up. Call us today we are local in Sault Ste Marie and can help get your system back to running like new 705-575-1716.

System Tune-up

Think of your computer like a car, you take it into the mechanic for tune-ups, oil changes etc. Well your computer is very similar except without all the fluids. Just like with a car you do these things to optimize the performance of your vehicle. In computers things like slow boot up, chugging speeds, low space, cluttered menu's etc. All these problems can be solved from a tune up. We believe that performance optimization should be conducted on a regular basis, just like a car. It is ideal to have your system checked every 3 months to keep everything running smooth.